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unable to withdraw my earnings on fiverr after the account has been blocked.



my account is blokced from 2023-09-25, and disabled on November 25th .Has balance: US$2,276.89
Fiverr  customer support said i can withdraw money after 3 month : ( case: 10730744),
On 23rd, Fed,  i just received fivver notification to withdraw money, and after i clicked the link to login, it shows it expired, and after i login account , i can't withdraw money too , the paypal/payponeer button is disabled.
Fiverr notification said I have 7 days to withdraw, i contacted Fiverr customer service(case :11154145), he just tell me the nonsense reply, tell me how to withdraw money, and no further replied since 23rd,Feb ,(more than 48hrs already)

I know Fiverr will close account on 30,Feb, then i will loose completely for my account &FUNDS .

anything else i can do?

any one can give advice?


withdraw notification.jpg


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