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Promoting Gigs



Hello everyone,

I have reached level 1 and I got option to promote my gigs.

Your advice will really help me in this regard, one gig of mine is on top of search, should I promote it too?

Or it is good to promote Gigs which are located in 5th or 6th page of the search.

For how long I should promote?

I offer translation services.

Thank you

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Just now, mmahfuzpro said:


Let me ask you two questions, what's the purpose of promoting gig and How an organically ranked gig and promoted gig deliver results?


I joined Fiverr about 7 months ago, I started translation here.

I completed 13 orders with good feedbacks and reached level 1 quickly.

I see my success score is 6 (I can’t find any negative impact point in overview I see room for growth only), I thought it is all because of using only one Gig.

From 13 orders I have used one Gig for 11 orders and one other for 2, maybe it caused me to be judged by a single Gig which is on top of search.

I started to promote my Gigs as it has been 7 days since my last delivery, I just need to boost my business and make sure I am on the right way to go.

To be honest, I don’t have enough experience to check where is my Gig placing after I promote it and how it will be shown to customer (seller), your points will really help me in understanding.

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