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The Logo Maker Dashboard is Turning 1! 🥳

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Let's get sentimental for a minute…Our dashboard is hitting the one-year mark! For nearly 2 years, your voices—through seller interviews, polls, comments, DMs, and requests—have shaped our forum, leading to the creation of a dashboard tailored to your needs. You wanted more visibility, a sleeker UI, better success metrics, and a dash of inspiration. And so, the dashboard was born!

Let’s take a look at some of its most valuable features: 

The Overview Tab

A place to track what’s new, visually!! An easy way to check out orders, earnings, clicks, favorites, and views, helping you track your progress and aim higher.

My Top Logos

Makes it a breeze to see your best designs, sorted by earnings, orders, favorites, or impressions—Intel you can use to improve performance with every design. 

Here are a few best practices we’ve shared over the past year:

  • Check for repeating elements. Can you replicate the success of past logos by creating new versions? Be sure to make each variation distinct enough to stand on its own.

  • Identify concepts or themes among your top-performing logos.

  • Determine if certain color schemes or font colors are more effective than others.

  • Ensure your tags and industries complement each other for optimal results.

  • Experiment with unique variations and coloring options to help expand the reach of successful designs.

Recent Activity

Your go-to for viewing recent logo sales and most-loved designs so you never miss a thing.

News And Tips

The place to find insider tips for boosting sales! Discover the latest articles, the latest trends, activities, challenges, interviews, and more.

My Current Earning Share

Use this to track your progress and aim higher! Figure out exactly where you stand and how many sales will take you to the next step. Set your uploading rate to match how fast you want to scale. Remember - the bigger your sales, the higher your earnings potential. (Read More Here). 

My Logos Tab

A place to view ALL of your designs! Depending on which stage you’re in, you may have anywhere from 30 to 1,000 active logos. This tab allows you to search through them with ease.

Reached capacity? Hit pause on current active logos to make room for new designs. For more tips, read our forum about optimizing performances. 

Insights tab

Think of this as your brainstorming buddy! Here’s where we post trend data, highlight opportunities, and share tips to spark new designs. See some examples below:

  • Top Searched Industries Tip: Focus on industries with both high conversion rates (CR) and low competition.

  • Top Converting Industries Tip: Focus on industries with low competition and high search volume.

  • Top Picks (Industries and Tags) From Logo Maker Team: Review recommendations based on the latest Logo Maker data, including potential trends or niche requests that show potential.

  • Industries With Low Logo Supply: Timing is everything. Take advantage of new opportunities and don’t forget to retag!


Thanks to your amazing feedback and understanding of supply we’ve seen some jaw-dropping improvements: a 19% visibility boost, 212 leaps in Rev share tiers, and a whopping 54% spike in monthly average orders per seller. But most importantly, we’ve kept those smiles coming.


Take a moment to look back:

Last year, dash was born


Now he’s one year old (we’re not crying, you are)!



As we celebrate one year, from our dev team to you, our cherished sellers, we want to say thanks. 


What’s been your favorite part of the dashboard? How has it helped you kick things up a notch? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Hello, I wanted to share my joy with all of you and at the same time thank you, because you give us good profit percentages, to feel included and loved in the project! Thank you for everything, and all good things come back with good results for everyone! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
and keep working! 🙏😊💚

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Best wishes for another great year! The best part for me is the My Logos page. It gives you with the necessary metrics to adjust the logos along the way for better sales. 

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