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Why is this buyer delaying my work?



So before I ask my question, I'd like to say that this is my first post here on Fiverr Forum since I created my Fiverr seller account last year, November 2023.

The gig I have is about Writing grant proposal, business plan and raising funds for organizations through my expert research, application and proposal writing expertise.

Since November last year that I created this my Fiverr account, I finally got my first order this 18th February, 2024. I was so excited that I had to deliver the job so quickly and did my best to make sure that I fully satisfy this my client but guess what....?

I delivered the order 2 days after the order was placed and ever since the delivery, the client has been making excuses and extending the review deadline for the job. The last time he told that he was traveling and he is yet to completely go through the proposal I wrote.

I don't know but am not really happy with the fact that this client has been delaying and extending this review deadline.

So here is my question, Is this a normal thing? If it's not, what can I do?

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Buyers have the option to extend the review period. They do not need seller's agreement to do this. Even when the current buyer's extension ends, they can request another extension, and another ... for as many times as they wish. I do not think you can do anything in this situation. BUT, if it starts to feel that the buyer is abusing their power of extending, I'd contact customer support.

To be fair, it seems you delivered the order on the 20th. So, it's not really that long...

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