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Just published a gig as a "listener"


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Hello, I just published my first "gig" as a "listener" and I'm wondering if anyone who offers services like this can lend some insight. If someone responds to my gig how does this work through Fiverr... does the buyer message me once they pay the fee and we set up a call by me giving them my phone number? I'm not sure how this part with the buyer paying and then scheduling with me works. How do I notify Fiverr that I have completed my service? Thank you so very much for any advice as I am brand new to this site! 

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Congrats on your new gig. Once you get an order, your dashboard and order will guide you through it. The most important thing is to respond quickly, be professional, kind and have solid order requirements so your buyer knows what you need. 

You should read all the Fiverr help guides that you can. You should find them easily at the bottom of the website in the footer.

Fiverr is an amazing platform and gives you so many tools to succeed but it starts with you.

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