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Account and support system restricted having $600 in my account!

Guest onlinereview

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Guest onlinereview

Hello there,

Suddenly fiverr restricted my account at 2 May. I contacted with them and they told me to contact with them at 30 July. I did that. I had around $600 (40,000-45,000 Bangladeshi taka) in my restricted account and they told me to send passport/govt. issued ID card and I sent that, but they told this don’t match with our record as it is US account and not Bangladeshi one.

Actually when I opened my account automatically I got USA profile and I don’t know how is it possible. I also saw many post about US/UK/Japan/German etc profile on their facebook page. Some users told they got this types of accounts, they don’t know how is it possible. After some days I can know they got their fund from that types of restricted account.

At this moment I am seeing they also restricted my support account and I can’t contact with them. I don’t know how can I withdraw this fund???

Friends please help me, how can I withdraw fund? This is not my account,as I got restricted and can’t login my account so why I am using this account to post here.

If any USA friend can help me, please let me know.

Hope if I can send US passport/govt. issued ID card and paypaly email matched with the name having on passport/ID, they will release my fund, but how?

Please all fiverr sellers help me. This is huge amount for me, I am a student I have to pay my tuition fees and have to purchase some books 😦

I just don’t know what should I do now?

Thanks all

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