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Urgent: Seeking Assistance with Unjust Account Restriction




Dear Fiverr Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding a significant issue I am currently facing with my Fiverr account.

I am level two seller and did a business of more than 12000USD.

Recently, my account has been restricted, preventing me from utilizing the Inbox messaging system to communicate with clients and potential collaborators. The reason provided by the Fiverr support team is that my services purportedly violate Fiverr's Community Standards and Terms of Service, despite my confidence in their compliance.

Furthermore, I am puzzled by the lengthy timeline provided for the review process, which can take up to 60 days. While I understand the need for thorough evaluation, this extended wait time is significantly detrimental to my business and livelihood. It's important for the community to understand why such an extensive period is deemed necessary by Fiverr and advocate for a more expedited resolution process.

This restriction is not only impacting my ability to conduct business effectively but also jeopardizing valuable client relationships. I have pending orders and ongoing communications that are now at risk due to this unjust restriction.

I kindly request the support of the Fiverr community in raising awareness of my situation and advocating for a prompt and fair resolution. If anyone has experienced similar issues or has insights on how to escalate this matter, your guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,

Tariq Ahmed


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