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Need Good Gigs To Get Some Affiliate Sales


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I am a clickbank affiliate and I need a few sales.I have a blog but I dont have much traffic.I need targeted high quality traffic which will get me some good sales.If anyone knows a gig related to my need then please help.If you have used a gig of this type then please share your results too.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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On the product, would your target market be more interested in taking a weight loss drug? exercising? diet plan? For your marketing efforts, I would narrow that down as much as possible. In order to do so, fill out a brief on every product you market. You can find outlines for free. Although, this is one that big companies use (I purchased this gig):


Making a landing page? Writing persuasive sales copy? These are good gigs to add to your arsenal (I purchased these as well).

Send you a 5 star copywriting video course - http://www.fiverr.com/raydal/send-you-a-997-copywriting-video-course

Give you my secret swipe file of 2000 headlines - http://www.fiverr.com/obii2001/give-you-my-secret-swipe-file-of-2000-headlines

Send you my million dollar copywriting swipe file - http://www.fiverr.com/emillionaire/send-you-my-million-dollar-copywriting-swipe-file

Here is a gig on getting traffic. It’s a big package. I found ONE book in there with amazing ideas. That made it worth way more than a fiverr.

Teach you how to generate unlimited targeted neck snapping traffic to any url - http://www.fiverr.com/shoprytegig/teach-you-how-to-generate-unlimited-targeted-neck-snapping-traffic-to-any-url

Here’s a Fiverr search for weight loss, targeted traffic:


There are interesting offers for guest posting on weight loss blogs.

You should also get social - my favorites are Twitter and Pinterest. On Twitter I’ve defined my niche. I’ll follow and interact with my target market. I’ve found some great gigs that help to manage my Twitter.

I could probably think of more to say, but my dog is begging to go out for a walk right now …

Good luck to you!

p.s. I just wanted to add, I purchased this gig to tweet for me:

I will playboy model will tweet message to 950K fans for $5: http://www.fiverr.com/amberdwalter/playboy-model-will-tweet-message-to-over-900k-fans

I still have 7 days until delivery due date, so I can’t honestly tell you the results. I would imagine it depends on the niche. She would probably have a lot of followers interested in weight loss.


Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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Reply to @typingservice: Hey, great reply!! Thank you very much for the awesome info. But I would like to add one thing that I have written the blog post and I just need potential customers to buy the product I am offering. The post is pretty much engaging written by me because I am a great writer myself. The gig you provided for traffic needs seems to be great will be ordering soon that one.Just curious to know what were your results after ordering that gig.Did you received quality traffic and generated sales from them.


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Reply to @jainty988: I think you’re aware, but to clarify with the traffic gig, the seller is not doing it for you. It’s a traffic generating how-to. My favorite book in the package was new, and had a few ideas I would have never thought of on my own. They are relatively easy to implement and have potential to bring in a huge amount of targeted traffic. While I’m absolutely confident they’ll work, sadly, I haven’t set them up yet. I have a regular job, my Fiverr business, and recently I’ve been building my website and advertising a business outside of Fiverr. So I’m staying busy! My goal is to use my two favorite ideas from that book within the next month. Currently, I’m getting most of my traffic from Twitter. Anyway, good luck to you!

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jainty988 said: Also wanna ask can you provide me some traffic from your twitter way for this blog post only which is related to women weight loss??


No. I'm in a completely different niche. But you really should check out Twitter! I'm getting orders on a brand new website from Twitter. I set up a brand new Twitter account for this. I stay narrowly focused on my niche. I do use some automation (TweetAdder). It sends DM to everyone that follows me - that's controversial. Some people love it and some people hate it. It works for me so I do it. My DM offers a free service on my website, and directs them there. I've gotten a lot of good feedback from my followers on this from the contact form on my website. On my website I'm also offering personal sevices and affiliate products that would be of interest to them. I follow potential customers in my niche and when they follow me back they get that message. I also set up posts in TweetAdder to automatically Tweet promotional posts on regular intervals. At this point, it sounds like I'm a bit of a spammer, I know. :) But I genuinely like and am interested in my customer base. I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I promote other people a lot more than myself. I retweet all the time. I don't automate retweeting because I want it to be more personal. I watch my notifications and always respond to conversations people initiate. I favorite a lot of tweets from others I enjoy. So I am actively interacting with them. It works.


p.s. I'm still pretty new to Twitter. I've only been doing this a few months. I'm learning as I go .. I think if I can get traffic from it, you can too.

jainty988 said: Thanks. I hope you will get some good results too by implementing the methods from the book.Just wanna know the methods described in the books need's investment to bring traffic.


The ones I was interested in are mainly an investment in time.

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