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Username showing up next to gig instead of display name



So this may be a kind of dumb question...but I'm a Fiverr newbie, so bear with me! 😉 I have a couple of gigs posted, but when I try searching for my gig, my username (krasna_promena) appears next to the gig in the search results instead of my display name (Jenny N). But then when I click on my gig, my display name shows up just fine. Is there something that I need to do so that my display name shows up next to the gig in the searches?

I see that a few other sellers also have their usernames show up on the search, as well, but most have their display names. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to get my display name to appear next to the gig! Thank you in advance!!

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For sake of honesty (and saving time), it really doesn't matter. Your gig is your selling point, not your username, and if a potential Buyer is interested enough to click on your gig, they will (as you observed) see your display name. 

It's like a company and a brand name owned by that company. If someone wants Oreos, they're not going to look for the "Nabisco" on the package. (Well, unless they're worried about counterfeits, but if they're that conscientious, they'll know what to look for.)

Buyers on the forums have almost never said that they look at a username as criteria when they are looking to buy. The one time I can recall it coming up, it was because the username was either profane or crass (been too long, can't remember which), and even then the complaint was that it was even allowed by Fiverr. Nothing about the services that user was offering. 

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