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šŸ“¢ 2024 Elections: Community MessageĀ 


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In preparation for the impending 2024 elections, we are prioritizing the safety and trustworthiness of our community by updating our policies.Ā 

Understanding the evolving digital services landscape, the focus of our updated policies are centered on countering challenges like fake news, disinformation, and AI-driven misinformation during the election season.Ā 

Prohibited activities include:

  • Offering services that interfere with the election process
  • Sharing misleading information about election procedures or candidates
  • Inciting unlawful behavior or violence
  • Creating fake accounts to misrepresent affiliations
  • Utilizing generative AI tools to undermine the democratic process

We will be vigilant in monitoring potential threats and suspicious activities, ensuring swift adjustments to maintain platform integrity.Ā 

We also encourage you to share your feedback and report any violations you run across. Reporting can be done through our dedicatedĀ reporting tools. Accounts found to be involved in violation of Fiverr policies may be permanently suspended.

You can check out the updated policies here. As we approach the elections, these policies may be subject to updates.Ā 

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