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Very low impressions, please help



Hey all, I need a little bit of advice. 

I joined Fiverr in late '22 and have a voice over gig. I have never really had any luck with it. I got one order that I delivered in January of '23, on time and top rated. Since then, nothing. I average less than 50 impressions per 30 days. I have had no messages to respond to, beyond some spam that "won't affect you rating".

I have recently added a couple other gigs and they seem to be getting even less impressions. I contacted customer service and I've been told to improve my response rating and the number of order and clients and my earning so that I can improve my visibility. I don't know how to improve any of that without some halfway decent visibility to work with. 

Looking at level overview on my dashboard, I see that my response rating and my success ratings are blank. Not zero, but blank, there is no number at all. Customer service explained many thing to me about the level and rating system but wasn't really give any actionable guidance.

I was told by the CS that more recent activity is given more weight because it is a better reflection of "current performance". I wonder if I am effectively being made less visible because of the long period of inactivity.

I am at a loss. I have to improve my rating to improve my visibility. I don't know how to improve those rating without impression and I don't know how to get impression without improving my ratings.

Please help 

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You can share your gig to social media to improve your impression. But waiting is the best part. Hope you can regain your pressing & click soon.

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