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Level 1 Account Disabled For Buying an Illegal item?!

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I have had my account for years and was a Level 1 Seller. I purchased a few items in the past but not much, maybe around 10 different things.

Last week, I purchased an invoice creation for an eBay appeal. These were legit invoices that I needed creating for my customers. There was an issue with the invoices and I contacted Fiverr customer support to cancel the order as the service was not provided correctly - to which they did and refunded me.

Immediately after, I get an email saying this: 

Now, we've checked this with our relevant team and the services requested and provided aren't allowed on the platform.
You may not ask for or offer services with unlawful or possibly illegal intent. This is not in line with our Community Standards.

Due to this, the order was canceled and as a result of this, your account was permanently disabled. Keep in mind that you're not allowed to create any new accounts while having a disabled one.

I am so upset. Why is this my fault? Nothing I have done is illegal. Also, if this is an illegal service, why is it on Fiverr?!

Is there anyway to get my account back?

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