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how can you improve your success score when your gigs are hidden???


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I feel lost to be honest... after 13 years of working on fiverr... I feel like this new score system is the end for me, I feel like I'm unemployed because no one see's my gigs on search results... Because even if I do have my old buyers, they don't buy things that often. All my gigs have great reviews and It is really stupid to tell sellers to "keep doing the best work to improve the success score" but.... how am I going to do that? no one will buy my gigs if they can't see them! And to be honest, driving traffic from social media to fiverr is useless... the real buyers are the ones who are already registered on fiverr and who are looking for gigs on the marketplace.

I'm tired of contacting CS because they just give you LINKS... I asked them for REAL PROOF of what exact orders had conflicts because some gigs were marked as negative because of "conflicts" where I never had disputes or bad reviews or bad buyers...  and they couldn't tell me, because they don't even know! These numbers seem to be a joke and they are not a personal number... it's like these numbers are random and they compare you to other sellers as well so then they give you the score.... which is not related to you... and of course if your gigs are hidden other sellers will have better performance because they are selling and you are not!
Also... that section of "value for the money" is useless.... we as sellers get to charge for the value of our work, when we do a good job we deserve to charge a good amount, we cannot survive selling cheap gigs all the time.

So I don't know how i'm going to recover from this... I don't know if i should start a new seller account and give up to this one with thousands of sales 😞 or to just go somewhere else.. I know A LOT OF SELLERS can relate with me and I really hope all of this gets fixed.

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The success score feature of Fiverr is confusing. I have one gig that was doing great and got reviews of more than 20 and all are in 5 stars, I just made one mistake a seller contacted me for work and I took her work and completed it even before doing the work I also explained I will do these listed things on this price and she agreed, after completing work she asked for changes and after changes she canceled order, after explaining situation I refunded her but see now my gigs are out of search box, and my success scored is reducing day by day. If clients cannot search us on Fiverr how would we have a chance to improve ourselves? True some clients just want free work. 

The success score policy is causing problems for freelancers, Fiverr must consider Sellers issues also

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Hi Kary, I have exactly the same problem as you.
1 month ago my best gig started to fall and 2 weeks or more ago it went from having 300 daily views to having 0.
I have 0 daily views.
I have no idea how to fix this.
This situation seems totally unfair to me, just to tell you that I understand you and there are surely many of us who are distressed here 😥

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