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Greetings The Netherlands – Excited to Grow with the Fiverr Community!

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Hi everyone!

I'm Steven, tuning in from the beautiful Netherlands. I'm absolutely thrilled to be stepping into the Fiverr community and eager to both share and soak up wisdom from this diverse group.

A little about my journey - I've been navigating the realms of sales coaching for over a decade, working with amazing teams and individuals to hone their skills in sales calls and strategy. While my professional life has been rich with experiences from various industries, my heart beats for the simple joys of life. I share my life with my incredible partner, her delightful 4-year-old daughter, and our two mischievous kittens. Our days are filled with family adventures—be it bowling, exploring the serenity of forests, or binge-watching classics like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

Joining Fiverr marks a new chapter for me. With a deep passion for teaching and having helped countless individuals enhance their sales prowess, I'm here to learn how to translate this success onto Fiverr. My goal? To extend my impact, share my knowledge widely, and of course, learn the ropes of thriving on this platform.

I'm particularly keen on understanding the nuances of success on Fiverr. Despite my extensive background, the digital marketplace presents a new frontier for me. I'm all about learning from your experiences, sharing insights, and growing together.

If you have any tips for a newcomer eager to make a mark, or if you're up for a chat about the latest binge-worthy series, I'm all ears (and eyes)!

Looking forward to an enriching journey ahead with you all. 

Warmest regards,

Steven Schraven





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A Journey of Growth and Mastery

Greetings, Fiverr community! As an advocate for refining conversational and communication techniques, I'm excited to embark on this journey with you, sharing the wisdom I've gathered as a sales coach. My path, marked by diverse experiences, has led me to a profound understanding of sales, customer engagement, and self-development. This blog series is dedicated to those aiming to enhance their phone etiquette or master their next interview, emphasizing the pivotal role of effective communication. 

Imagine, at nineteen, being nudged towards a path you never considered. My sister's simple observation, "I think sales would really suit you," propelled me from the routine at Domino's Pizza to the dynamic world of direct sales. This moment wasn't just a career shift; it was the start of a profound personal transformation. My true passion for sales sparked during the job interview training session. It wasn't merely about learning techniques; it was about discovering a zeal for connecting with others that I hadn't realized I possessed. This enthusiasm carried me through the selection process, and I eagerly stepped into the role of an agent, ready to immerse myself in this new world.


Learning from the Ground Up

My introduction to sales was a reality check. Partnered with a seasoned colleague, I was exposed to the intricate dance of sales conversations. This experience was humbling, rapidly evolving my initial confidence into a commitment to learn and grow.

The initial days were daunting, reminiscent of my first attempt at treading water. Yet, I quickly adapted, learning that success in sales is less about the product and more about understanding the person on the other end of the conversation. It's about listening, empathy, sincerity, and approachability – the foundation of trust and successful sales.

My journey from the phone lines to a campaign manager role was marked by significant learning and personal growth. Discovering my passion for coaching was a turning point, allowing me to further refine my skills while empowering the next wave of sales talent. After a decade of coaching, I've come to realize the transformative power of sharing experiences. Each interaction, each story carries the potential to shed light on the nuances of successful sales, offering insights that go beyond the surface.


Tailored Insights for the Fiverr Community

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, understanding how to effectively connect with clients remotely is crucial. As freelancers, especially in sales and communication, adapting our approach to digital platforms can significantly boost our success.

Essential Tips for Fiverr Success:

  1. Active Listening via Messaging: In the text-centric world of Fiverr, demonstrating understanding and empathy through messaging is key. Reflecting back clients' needs and asking precise questions can build a strong rapport and ensure you're fully aligned with their expectations.
  2. Embrace Video Calls for Complex Projects: For projects that demand a deeper connection, suggest a video call. This direct interaction can showcase your professionalism and build trust, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

Incorporating these strategies into your Fiverr engagements will not only enhance your communication but also foster lasting client relationships, paving the way for future success and positive feedback.



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Hello Fiverr Community,

Today, I want to share with you my journey on Fiverr, focusing on the challenges I've faced in finding my first customer, the strategies I've employed, and the resilience I've learned to embrace.


The Initial Excitement and Subsequent Doubt

Like many of you, I embarked on my Fiverr journey filled with enthusiasm and a strong belief in my ability to make a meaningful impact. With over a decade of experience in my field, I was confident that I could help others improve their skills and achieve their goals. The platform seemed like the perfect place to showcase my expertise and connect with those who could benefit from it.

However, the initial excitement soon gave way to doubt as days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, with my gig failing to attract its first customer. Despite optimizing my gig description, keywords, and visual elements repeatedly, the fluctuating impressions and clicks did not translate into bookings.


Patience Is a Virtue, but Doubt Creeps In

I've always known that patience is key on platforms like Fiverr, where competition is fierce, and establishing oneself takes time. Yet, I must confess that the journey has been more challenging than anticipated. The silence on the other end of my efforts led me to question my approach and, at times, my own capabilities.


Staying the Course

Despite these moments of self-doubt, my commitment to succeeding on Fiverr remains unwavering. I understand that the path to success is rarely linear and that perseverance is crucial. Here are a few strategies I've embraced to stay motivated and improve my chances of securing that elusive first customer:

  1. Continuous Learning and Improvement: I've taken to heart the feedback received from the community and used it to refine my gig offerings continually.
  2. Engagement with the Community: Participating in forum discussions and sharing experiences with fellow sellers has not only provided me with valuable insights but also kept my spirits high.
  3. Diversification: I've explored adding more services to my portfolio, thereby increasing my visibility and appeal to a broader audience.


A Call for Advice and Shared Experiences

As I navigate these challenges, I'm eager to hear from you, my fellow Fiverr community members. How did you overcome the hurdle of finding your first customer? What strategies worked for you, and what lessons did you learn along the way?


In Conclusion

Finding the first customer on Fiverr can feel like a daunting task, but it's a journey that teaches us resilience, adaptability, and the importance of community. As I continue to push forward, I hold onto the belief that with persistence and a willingness to learn and adapt, success is just around the corner.

To those who are still searching for their breakthrough, remember: You are not alone. Together, we can support each other in turning our Fiverr dreams into reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. I look forward to reading your stories and advice.

Warm regards,


Road to succes on Fiverr.jpg

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Disclaimer: The content of this post was partially created with the assistance of ChatGPT.

Weekly Sales Tips Introduction
Welcome to the launch of my Weekly Sales Tips series! Each week, I'll be sharing a nugget of wisdom from my decade-long journey in the sales industry. These tips are gleaned from real-world experiences and designed to give you actionable insights to enhance your sales skills. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional, these tips are meant to spark a transformation in your sales approach. So, make sure to check in weekly and let's propel your sales success together!

Sales Tip

It may seem basic, but the cornerstone of success in sales calls is mastering the art of asking the right questions. It's not just about the questions themselves; it's about demonstrating genuine interest, actively listening to the client, and striving to understand their needs on a deeper level. A few years ago, I developed what I call the 'Golden Questions Duo,' applicable to any product or service you're selling.

First, ask, "What do you find most important about (the product/service)?" Then, no matter their response, follow up with the key question: "And why do you find that the most important?"

The 'Why' unlocks the true motivation behind the customer's needs, transcending mere facts to reveal their deeper buying motives. For instance:

You: What do you find most important about a mobile phone?
Customer: A durable battery is essential to me.

Here, you only get surface information. But when you ask why:

You: And why is a durable battery important to you?
Customer: I really like playing games on my phone and enjoy watching videos during travel. It's frustrating when my battery dies mid-journey because I forgot to charge it.

Now you’ve struck gold—this insight is invaluable for tailoring your pitch to close the deal effectively. Let's see how this can transform your pitch:

  • Example 1 (Using only the 'What'):
    • You say, "I understand a durable battery is vital for you. Let's consider the iPhone 12—it's known for its long-lasting battery, capable of running up to 20 hours per charge."
  • Example 2 (Incorporating the 'Why'):
    • You deepen the pitch, "Since you're passionate about gaming and enjoy videos on your frequent travels, the iPhone 12 is ideal. Not only does it have the endurance for those long journeys with its durable battery, but its high-definition screen will elevate your gaming and viewing experiences. The iPhone 12 ensures you remain powered up for all your entertainment needs—no more interruptions on the go.That sounds amazing, right?

In closing, the art of the sale is not just in the questions we ask, but in our genuine interest in the answers. By delving into the 'why' behind our clients' needs, we unlock a deeper understanding that allows us to tailor our solutions more effectively, transforming a simple sales call into a meaningful connection. My goal with these Weekly Sales Tips is not just to share strategies, but to inspire a more insightful, empathetic approach to sales. I hope this tip encourages you to explore beyond the surface in your sales interactions, leading to more successful outcomes and satisfied customers. Let's journey together towards sales excellence, one question at a time.


🔍 Engagement Question: How do you ensure your questions lead to meaningful conversations with clients? Share your strategies below.

📝 Share Your Story: Has a particular question ever changed the course of your sales call? I'd love to hear about it!

🔧 Offer for Feedback: If you want to refine your questioning technique, comment with your approach, and I’ll provide some constructive feedback.

🔄 Next Week's Teaser: Stay tuned for next week's tip where we'll explore how to build on the insights gained from the 'Why' to craft an irresistible offer. Plus, I'll share some of the best insights from your comments!

Remember, sales is about connection. By understanding the 'why' behind a client's needs, you’re not just selling; you’re serving. That’s how deals are won.

Sales Tips Series.jpg

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Hey everyone! It's the second time that I share a bit of the wisdom I've picked up over my years in sales. Today, I want to talk about something I call the Quick Connection Technique. It's a straightforward strategy, but you'd be surprised how much of an impact it can have on your sales conversations.

This Week’s Insight: The Quick Connection Technique

So, here's the deal: making a quick, genuine connection with your clients can significantly change the course of your conversation. Here’s what I usually do:

I start by mentioning something I genuinely appreciate about their work or I make an observation that shows I’ve really looked into what they do. For instance, if I’m talking to someone interested in web design services, I might say, “I saw your website, and I really like how you’ve laid out your portfolio. I did notice, though, that making it more responsive could really boost user engagement.”

Why does this approach work wonders? It shows right off the bat that you're not just here to sell but to add value based on what you've observed. This kind of start not only flatters but also sparks interest, making the client more open to hearing your pitch.

How You Can Try It:

  1. Do a Little Homework: Spend a few minutes on their website or social profiles before your call.
  2. Observe and Appreciate: Pick something specific that stands out in a positive way or where there’s room for improvement.
  3. Lead with Value: Mention your observation and seamlessly connect it to how you can help them even further.

Let’s Engage:

  • 🔍 Your Thoughts?: What tactics do you use to break the ice and start on the right foot with a potential client?
  • 📝 Your Stories: Ever clinched a deal by showing you’ve done your homework? I’d love to hear about it!
  • 🔧 Need Feedback?: If you’re tweaking your approach and want some pointers, drop your strategy below and I’ll share my thoughts!

What’s Next?

Stick around for next week's tip, where I’ll explore how to deepen these initial connections to better understand and meet client needs, refining your pitch for each unique situation.

The key takeaway? The first few moments of your interaction can set the tone for the entire relationship. Let's keep learning and growing together, one connection at a time. See you next week!

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On 3/11/2024 at 3:18 PM, stevenssales said:

it seems like a pretty smart move to network a bit

You've... not really made a very good first impression. 

If you go to an in-person meet-n-greet conference, you generally would try to find out some information about it first, right? Like the dress-code, or who the attendees are, or the keynote speakers. You wouldn't wear a three-piece suit to business-casual, you wouldn't attend a panel on quilting when there's one on sales and marketing, you wouldn't take the stage yourself if you'd not been invited to do so, and you wouldn't inject yourself into a conversation without reading the room. 

In an online business forum: read the rules; read pinned posts; read and take note of people who seem to know what they're talking about and verify that they actually do; read source material so that you can cite said sources; read the room.

The forum is NOT a blog. 

On 3/12/2024 at 5:10 PM, stevenssales said:

The first few moments of your interaction can set the tone for the entire relationship.

"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." 

Uncited AI is like bringing a rented Ferrari to a car show and pretending it's yours.

Saying 'this post uses AI' is vague, because you've never (as far as I can tell) made any posts that don't use AI, so there's nothing for us to compare. We can't know how much is original, and how much is the AI. You've brought a refurbished car to the show that you've worked on, but then you let a shop work on it, and weren't actually the one to make it run. 

These forums are full of non-native English speakers/writers. Unless a user is lying about their proficiency, or offers a Gig that requires fluency, no one really cares if their English isn't perfect as long as they show that they are willing to learn and making an effort to learn. Let your conversation skills be authentic. 

On 3/12/2024 at 5:10 PM, stevenssales said:

Do a Little Homework: Spend a few minutes on their website or social profiles before your call.

Please. Do a little homework: Spend a few days browsing and reading the forums before you post.

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