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Fiverr keep closing my Ticket without resolving it and not replying me



i account got flagged because of location inconsistency thing and than i contacted the fiverr CS support but now they saying my account got flagged because of ( It appears that you have a location inconsistency or connection to another account that was disabled due to a violation of our policies

they are talking about the old account of my brother which is already disable my him and i have provided this justification to them as well that ( if you talking about the disabled account of fiverr which was create by my younger brother by using Email: ANOTHER EMAIL last year i already cleared that thing to Fiverr on 30th July 2023 to Mr Alex under request no  request (#10141104)  and i do got the warning on that before and as per Fiverr Guidance i did ask my brother to delete his that account 
For the Clearification i have nothing to do with any other account other than user name @arsalanco1

my question is that when i cleared all that thing to fiverr why i am suffering because of this now and Fiverr support keep closing my ticket without any reply looking like they are ignoring me 


fivver Nolan.PNG


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attached the wrong SS
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14 minutes ago, arsalanco1 said:

Yeah and its bad because we spends years to be in the top ranked freelancers and now this happen

I've been working on Fiverr for 4 years...and without reason or explanation my account has been flagged 😞 If Fiverr does not give an answer by March 14, then i will have to look for a new job and that is very sad

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