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unable to send reply to client



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Hi @anshukumarr_,

Let me just mention I had to edit your post since the screenshot was showing another user's details.

Please take a minute to get familiar with our Forum Rules and Terms of Service before posting further, just to make sure you avoid any future violations.

About the issue you're experiencing, this most probably means that someone has already reported that user since they're asking to continue the conversation outside Fiverr, which is forbidden as well.

Also, that conversation won't have an impact on the response rate, so nothing to worry about there.

Hope this helps and good luck 🍀

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14 hours ago, anshukumarr_ said:

recently got message from one of client but unable to send reply and this is  irritating me. I have attached screenshot do let me know if there is issue and how to fix that. Or If there is something I have missed.


It happens with new messages, try to refresh your chat again and again.

It will work

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