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These mfers don't stop trying, do they?


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Just now, sunboatrecords said:

What is this sorcery?

A ton of scammers have been sending this type of message, always linking to a website to try to get my card details through various means - saying I have an order already paid for, saying I need to verify my profile, etc.

Always obvious scams, but this must be working on clueless beginners.

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55 minutes ago, visualstudios said:

Seriously, this has been increasing a lot lately.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 16.36.56.png

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 16.38.24.png

I'm surprised at you. Do you really expect Fiverr to divert resources away from project "smiley face rating" to stop credit card theft?  Harrumph. 

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See, I haven't gotten a single one yet, BUT I had a whole bunch of t-gram ones lately. Just the regular bull, nothing exciting. I've been wondering whether launching a new gig (I have something I've been considering trying) would trigger them... 

(But seriously, they are claiming to be Fiverr/secretaries/etc. I'd rather them not get any smarter... because this COULD get dangerous for some people.)

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10 hours ago, tejas_rajput said:

trust me. its peak 😞


8 hours ago, visualstudios said:

I'm not sure I trust you, I always thought it was valley.

I just feel "I'm old enough" to not remember/recall a lot of Gen Z catchphrases!! 😭

NGL, what rizz was that?? 🧐

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