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How do you deal with that ?



Hi there,

I have a client who placed an order with me, and the delivery was made on time. However, the validation process is taking longer than expected.

Just a few hours before the automatic validation, the client utilized the 'request revision' feature to communicate with me, indicating that they couldn't obtain approval from their supervisor and would do so later. Consequently, Fiverr immediately marked the delivery as 'late.'

I explained to the client that they would need to accept an extension of the delivery time, although this would negatively impact my statistics. While the client seems entirely satisfied with the delivery, they are awaiting approval from their superior.

Meanwhile, Fiverr indicates in my statistics that the order is under revision but elsewhere in the site indicates that the delivery has been rejected.

I have just submitted an additional extension request to the client, assuming that this client will take time to get my initial order approved (which was never intended to be a revision). How do you handle such situations?


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I don't know what is the best course of action in this situation:

  • doing nothing. When a delivery goes into revision for whatever reason, even if it's marked as "late", it will not be counted as late delivery, provided that the original delivery was made in time. So you can just leave the client to take time to review the delivery, no matter how long that takes.
  • contacting CS. They might send a message to the buyer on your behalf, asking them for specifics on what needs to be revised
  • the buyer can extend the review time on their own initiative, without any seller input
  • re-delivering the original file. I am not sure if this is good to do or not. It might be seen as incomplete delivery, resulting in a warning for the seller, even if the seller has no actionable instructions on what to revise
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