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More than one skill set presentation?



Although I’ve had a profile for a while, I am a new seller who has never posted a gig on Fiverr. I’m considering starting, but I have two distinct skill areas I’d like to target: video editing and voice over. I’d like to be able to target each of those with a separate presentation of my skills to the potential clients. I’d like to appear in my video editor mode to those clients and in my voice talent mode to the other set who are looking only for that skill. In my profile that appears, it is targeted toward video editing and only mentions voice. I’d like to be able to have voice clients see a separate profile or description of my services presenting my voice skills without the video editing side, and still have one describing my video skills for those clients.

Is this possible, or does Fiverr force me to choose only one of my skill sets to present?

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Hello David,

Welcome to fiverr as a seller!

Fiverr doesnt allow for seperate profiles for seperate skill sets, however what your describing is your gigs.

You can make one gig for videos and one for voice, and in each gig you can illustrate your skills and experience in each vocation.

Your gigs are the first place most sellers will see your profile!

Best of luck!

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