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Unsatisfied with seller.



Good day everyone,

I ordered a 3D model from a seller and received it, but the seller consistently pressured me for positive feedback after each preview. This resulted in four reviews per person, boosting his profile, a detail I unfortunately did not notice. He also repeatedly inquired about the amount of money I had. As a newcomer to Fiverr, I thought this was a normal practice for freelancers. Now that I have received the product, I am not satisfied with it. I have reviewed it with my team colleagues and we would like a refund, but the seller does not offer that option. Since I have a very small budget, this is a significant financial loss for me. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do?"

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I am very sorry for your bad experience. First of all, it is wrong that they pressure you to give a good rating, this is penalized by the platform's TOS. Just like asking you about money. It's something you can report to support.
Secondly, I understand your limited budget. But it is something that you should review before accepting the order, it does not matter if it takes you a couple of days longer than agreed. And request the corrections they agreed upon so that you are satisfied with the work.
It is difficult to tell you to demand a refund, because the seller really did his job and you accepted it. In case you were not satisfied, it seems to me that you should have done so at the time of review. I tell you this from the point of view of a seller. Since it can be an abusive practice sometimes that the seller delivers a job and the client uses it, then requests a refund and gets it. That is why it is important to clarify everything during the work period.
In any case, it is something that you can consult with support and they will give you a better answer.
I'm sorry if I went on too long in the explanation and I hope you can resolve this in the best way.

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3 hours ago, kimea0leiser said:

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do?"

Go to customer support, let them know the order number and ask for a refund.

As @leonormiserol said, sellers are not allowed to ask for a specific review, nor they can force you to close orders. You can still receive a refund from customer support, even if the order is closed. Depending on the payment method, you can get a refund even after 6 months, it's happened before. 

Go to customer support, explain the situation and let them know you want a refund. You should have it in no time. 

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