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Fiverr need to work on value for money option.



I got my first value-for-money review of 4. It's very disappointing because it will affect our success score. If a buyer does not understand what will affect this feedback and what we will go through. Fiverr should take the action for the seller. Because any person can't be happy spending money. Fiverr should let them know what going through the seller because of this feedback or should give buyers other options to understand what value they are giving. Or take back the old system. As we can't talk to buyers about reviews, how do they understand? We want to remove the value for money or give only specific options to select. Also if they doing it unknowingly then it's should be removed easily without any problem. If We keep our price low, then buyers may be happy, but it will not be a solution as we all need to earn more money, including Fiverr.

We hope Fiverr will think about it.


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