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I need a program that controls my account



I need a program that controls my account on one of the Saudi advertising tabs sites so that I can automate a set of tasks to be executed, such as:

  • Scheduling publishing according to a specific time by days or hours.
  • Editing ads.
  • Cloning ads: This means copying the information of an ad, deleting it from the site, and then publishing it as new content.
  • Updating ads: This means opening all old ads and clicking on the update button inside each individual ad once every 24 hours.

I can elaborate more on the features of the required program.

The program will be a desktop application where the user logs into their account on the target site.

The user will then specify the desired automation criteria, and the program will run automatically.

The interface will be in Arabic, and the target site is also in Arabic.

In short, the program is for automating some tasks instead of the user doing them manually.

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