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Good News, Everyone! OpenAI Now Does 🤯MINDBLOWINGLY🤯 GOOD Videos with Sora!


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OpenAI has a new AI video thing coming out soon, and it's pretty darn impressive. Remember kids, Fiverr is OK with you NOT telling your buyers that you use AI to do your work unless they ask 🙂 And with quality like this, the vast majority of people aren't going to ask.

This is not available to the public yet, but I imagine it will be soon along with GPT 5. 

https://openai.com/sora (multiple video examples)

You'll probably come a cropper when it comes to revisions, but take heart: according to Fiverr CS, if buyers just ask for revisions, your "conflict score" will shoot right up and then your order might get cancelled anyway because revisions are bad, mmm-kay?



So, Fiverr, do you have any plans to revisit your AI transparency policies this year? Or are they just going to continue to be anti-consumer? 

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1 hour ago, emmaki said:

Fiverr is OK with you NOT telling your buyers that you use AI to do your work unless they ask 🙂

Which is absolutely insane. 

Since Fiverr now requires us to explicitly state that we don’t want any AI use in our orders, I’m going to have to do that. I’m still thinking about the best way to word my message to sellers without offending them. I know that some are more sensitive about the subject than others, so it’s important not to start the relationship off on the wrong foot.

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Honestly, I don't think sellers should be offended if a buyer asks, but I can appreciate that it's a very touchy subject for both sides. I'm not particularly precious about whether someone thinks my writing is AI or not (I would think the difference was patently obvious), but I can definitely see other people being offended by questioning whether something they took hours/days/weeks to create was popped of in a minute by a computer. 

Fiverr's inane AI policy puts buyers in this awkwardly semi-combative position. Sellers who do work that could now be feasibly done by generative AI should be prepared for questions if they don't outright make a disclosure on their gig or in their FAQs. 

I've been asked a few times and I've simply explained how I use AI (research, outlining and "pre-production" work, but not the actual content, since the writing is typically awful and requires major editing). With serious buyers, this often leads into an interesting discussion on how they feel about AI. For the most part, they aren't against AI - they just don't want it for whatever thing they contact me about. 

And more often than not, they are completely happy for me to use my AI tools for research etc since it means they get a faster delivery in the end. Still, many buyers aren't aware of this policy and there are hundreds, of not thousands of shady sellers banking on buyer ignorance to profit. Fiverr should be requiring transparency from its sellers here. It's certainly the way that regulations are going. 

Fiverr and transparency though... *sucks teeth*. 

tl;dr: most people are completely reasonable about AI usage if you take the time to explain your use of it.

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