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New customer, realistic expectations needed.



Greetings, my name is Dave Whorton. My objective on Fiverr is to purchase a completely automated, (hands off) e-commerce business. First, is that even possible? It seems a little far-fetched that I would pay as little as $10, and receive a totally self-run e-commerce business that brings in thousands of dollars per month. Why wouldn't everyone do that? So please, I need clarity on just exactly what I would be purchasing. Please inform me of any prerequisites I would need for this to work.(money-wise, I mean) Thank You for your advice and help.

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Let's be serious. You answered your own question.

You can't buy an automated, hands off business that prints money for you for cheap. That doesn't exist. If it did, nobody would sell it - or they would sell it at an insane valuation. If you could buy one and turn a profit, the person selling it would be making a loss. Obviously. So they wouldn't sell it for that price.

If that's what you're looking for (parking your money on a business to generate income), buy stocks - that's the nearest you can get to that. Expect to double your invested money every 10 years or so.

If someone is promising you a business that generates thousands in profits per month, and is charging less than 100k for it... well, some people have sold the Eiffel Tower. Several times.

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