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Gig Marketing!!



I hope everyone is doing well! I'm reaching out because I'm facing a bit of a challenge and could use some advice from the seasoned Fiverr experts out there.

I've recently joined the Fiverr platform and, like many of you, I'm eager to kickstart my freelancing journey. However, despite my efforts, I'm finding it challenging to land that elusive first order. Even more concerning, my impressions and clicks seem to be on the decline.

I've done my best to optimize my profile, create compelling gig descriptions, and even use relevant keywords, but it seems I'm missing something crucial. I would love to hear from those who have successfully navigated this initial hurdle:

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Hello @mahidmunna 

As I can understand from your post, you would like to advertise your Gig here on the Forum. But please note that the Fiverr forum is not the best place to advertise your Gigs. The Fiverr Forum is a place full of information and great discussions. There are batter ways to advertise your Gigs: 

15 hours ago, mahidmunna said:

can I share my Fiverr gig impressions up-down picture

When it comes to impressions, our algorithm takes many factors into account, which means the results vary by user. Since the marketplace is ever-changing and competitive, we suggest working hard to ensure that your Gigs stand out.

There are some great threads from the Fiverr community and Fiverr employees on the Forum that we recommend you read:

Hope this helps. 

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