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Congrats fiverr - You broke me.

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First, I want to say that I have been a supporter of this platform since 2018. I never thought I'd achieve the things that I have in those 6 years. With that out of the way, I received an email response to a Help Request I submitted on the day of the new Seller Dashboard.

In my email I asked for some more insight as to why my level was so low and what this meant for my future on the platform(as a level 0 seller). I explained that this was my main source of income and for many years it's been a steady one. It's allowed me to meet so many great people and work on some wonderful projects. This was the response:

"After careful review, your account has been flagged due to activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service or location inconsistencies. 
Consequently, your participation in Fiverr's level system is permanently restricted."

Why?.... How..... They also write:

"Please be advised that this was reviewed multiple times and the decision is final."

First of all, I have never left the United States. So I'm not even sure what that location inconsistencies would entail.

Secondly, I have been one of the most loyal people to this platform. Do you know how many people I have had ask me in private messages if I would contact them outside of fiverr for future selling matters and I've told them no? You can check the receipts. I've always told people "no, let's keep it on fiverr please. All orders need to come through here."

When clients ask me to contact them I always tell them I have rules and that if I call them, they need to purchase an order first to ensure the work will be contained within fiverr and I will not discuss work outside of fiverr. If they agree to those rules we can discuss things over the phone or zoom.

Nobody else in my household has fiverr.

My account has zero TOS warnings.

In 6 years I have had maybe 4 arguments with clients and my immediate response is to race to the help team and make them aware of the situation in case the client creates a bigger issue.

I have always been honest and transparent and I have over 2 dozen customers who are repeat customers whom I speak with outside of fiverr now due to their loyalty and they ALWAYS come back through fiverr.

I've never used a single competitor and I've always praised this system. I've tried encouraging friends who were laid off to give it a try as well as my brother who was going through tough times and I told him about how great his success could be if he just gave it some time.

I refer to all of my customers as 'clients' so they feel like they're getting something a little more than just a logo or website design.

I have made almost a quarter of a million dollars on this platform. Was this because I talked poorly about the update? Was this because I threatened to take my business elsewhere due to the harsh, new review process? Out of 2000 orders, you have just now decided I am permanently restricted from participating in fiverrs leveling system?

I have done nothing wrong and all I've done was made this platform money.

But I guess that's it then.

Take care,


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Hello @cheftychefty 

We apologize for the misunderstanding.  🙇🏼‍♀️ As I can see, your account is not flagged which is great news. It's just that with all these changes and updates, confusions are bound to happen. 

We are so sorry once again.

Please enjoy your day. 

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