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Watch out with this seller and his method




At first he didn't want to pay for the character designs, his paypal ''wasn't working''. Then he paid the 10 dollars but was unresponsive with the revisions. I was running out of time and kept asking for feedback when he was online and everything. He said ''I want to give you more work for you, make sure you know the original process''. I didn't understand, I only had a few hours left, finished the work because I only had 2 days to do it and then when I delivered (after consistenly asking him what he was thinking about the progress, showing him my work) he answered ''Where are the final designs?''. I sincerely thought he was joking. After that he says that he doesn't like the colours, after I asked him MULTIPLE times in the revisions!!! And after that he sends me a similar design with this message ''a seller made this for me, and i was impressed, but your character wasnt satisfying at the end, please cancel the order, i prefer using the guy who made this style for me'' when the character he sent me was TOTALLY different from what he was asking!! (he wanted a blue eyed character, sent me the references, and this one had dark skin and blonde hair????). He clearly wanted to scam me from the begginng, so I cancel and he keeps the free work. PLEASE WATCH OUT!!!! Also his profile doesn't have ANY reviews and is new to the platform so if he ordered from someone CLEARLY he scammed him to get the free design. A

OH, ALSO. It says that he is from the US, but he barely speaks English and his timezone is from another part of the world (not sure but probably Africa).

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