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I have been traveling lately and logged in to my Fiverr account from different countries.

I received a message asking me to reset my password but I can't because I am using a local SIM and can't receive texts or calls to my registered number.

Now I recevied the following email. This is a very odd message because it doesn't suggest how long is this temporary disabled and how can it be removed. I am running projects as a buyer as well so I need to access my account. 

Your Fiverr account has been temporarily disabled

Hi haephrati2020!

Our system identified some issues with your account activity with regards to our .

To keep your account safe, and to protect our marketplace, your account was temporarily disabled.




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This is insane. I was asked to go through the ID verification process but its impossible without logging in and I am unable to log in to my Fiverr account. No one is able to help me. 

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