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Annoying buyer



So, I got this buyer who I have personal contact with but I wanted to take the order through Fiverr to make payment safe. After her insistence that she has no one to help her do the task, I booked the order despite the fact that I didn't want to take the order. I returned the task in 24 hours as promised. She didn't respond to me during the day. Then 5-6 hours before her submission deadline, she requested some edits. I asked her to make a list of all changes so I can make all changes in one go. She said, "Ok, I will. I am waiting for my friend to review it." 3 hours later she comes back and tells me her deadline is in 15 minutes and I need to send the edited document which I never edited waiting for her to send all required changes!
Then she asks me to send word doc as well. All this I am not home, and within 15 minutes! 
I could report her and get her account blocked, but will the funds be transferred to me if she is blocked? (Given I have submitted the task)...  I want to report her behavior ASAP so the CS intervenes. She also made me work for 2 days instead of 24 hours as promised.  

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