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why my gig impression down?Need Advice.


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I'm new to Fiverr and joined a few months ago to help businesses with their SEO. Lately, my gig views have dropped a lot, and I'm trying to figure out why. I'd love to hear from SEO experts and other sellers who've had the same problem. Any tips or info on how Fiverr works would be really helpful.


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Hey there,

Welcome to fiverr!

Gig impressions can go up and down quite rapidly, I don't know how many impressions you are getting but its not unusual for them to be down some days and up others.

Ive taken a quick look at your gigs, in terms of SEO Ive got a few recommendations:

1. Your gig tags are using key words that you already have in your gig title and description, use tag keywords that arent in your title or description

2. If you are targeting english speaking users, theres a few spelling mistakes in your gig titles and photos ( In your wordpress SEO gig you have spelt Wordpress incorrectly)

3. Your FAQ section in some of your gigs has grammatical and spelling errors ( for example, the following FAQ in your wordpress gig doens't make sense:

"I can do any question about website SEO and Ranking.

Congratulations! You can any questions about search engine optimization and Ranking." )

These are just a few little things, keep improving and optimising your gigs and you should see improvement soon!

Best of luck!

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