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Seller Plus: PREMIUM ™️ pay 4x and wait till next month to have your success meeting

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Another thing I would like to shed light on is the advertisement of the ''Seller Plus: PREMIUM ™️'' that says it includes a reunion with a manager/assistant to help you with your goals and metrics. Because of the possible benefits, I decided to spend double the price(from 20$ to 40$) precisely for this feature.

But when I finally get to set up a meeting, NONE of them are available in the period of a Month (that I paid), only from next month.

So I guess I just have to ''take the L'' on this and wait till next month to pay another 40$ right? this is unfair, and this should be displayed that you may not have access to this feature instead of letting the seller know after he paid for it. And for me, 40$ is around 20% of what I make on this platform per month. It's like 20%+20%: double fee.... smh...



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