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New system has demoted me to Level 1 Seller, reason is very unclear


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Hi guys, 

This abysmal new system Fiverr has implemented has for some reason demoted me to a Level 1 Seller this morning. I got no notification or explanation from Fiverr. My "Success Score" is low, despite having had no canceled orders, customer complaints, or late deliveries in months. 

After looking through the details on the Seller Level page, it's flagging "Effective communication", "Client satisfaction", and "Conflict-free orders" as issues. I have no idea how this is possible as I've had only one negative review in the last few months (2.7 stars, but my rating is still 4.9), have a 100% reply rate, and message buyers back very quickly. Not sure what "conflict-free orders" mean, but I very rarely even get asked for revisions, and when I do, clients are very happy with the result. 

Fiverr always claims to be transparent and honest with sellers, yet does stuff like this all the time. Some of these flagged issues are among my biggest strengths as a seller, and I put a lot of effort into giving buyers a good experience. I over-deliver on every single order, giving people more than what they paid for. 

I'm honestly tired of all this messing around from this platform. It seems like no matter what you do, Fiverr will find some way to penalize you. 

I must admit that I've replied to 2 unfair reviews with a rebuttal of the negative comments, essentially calling the buyer out. For example, one buyer claimed my work didn't get him any sales, and left this feedback immediately after delivery. So I said in my reply that there was no way he'd tested the work I gave him and that his review was therefore false. Could this be a contributing factor to this drop in Seller Level?


Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences with this new system?


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