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new Sucess Score system is...


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I am very sad about this update, as it is very unfair.
I am a level 2 provider, more than 550 5-star ratings and success level 6? They demoted me to level 1 too. I am sending several emails to support asking for better attention regarding the classification. I believe that the more everyone sends, the more we will be heard.

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On 2/15/2024 at 7:00 PM, gmuhit_five said:

I had been level 2 seller since last 6 months. After new update, fiverr did down grade my seller level to level 1 seller. Because my success score is 6 now.  I am not sure, was it wise decision of fiverr? My four gigs are under success score. Two gigs score are 8,  one gig is 6 and another gig is 4 score. So, if I delete the gig (4 score). Will it improve my success score and seller lever?

I would also love to know this information, same thing has happened to me ... 

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