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Hi all. My name's Kevin. Folks call me Revv. I'll cut to the chase. I started my first gig a couple weeks ago, offering voice over services. I spent a lot of time researching, recording, setting it up, etc. Upon posting it though, I got to really looking through more gigs in the genre. I lost count of how many pages of other voice over artists there are. Realistically, how in the world can I ever expect to be seen? That may be rhetorical, as maybe we're all new here. I then thought I'd post gigs offering my other talents (music production, mixing, mastering, video editing), but those markets are also saturated. I know my products are of quality, but that doesn't matter if no one sees me on here. I hope this isn't too much of a downer, but it's just discouraging. Is anyone here on Fiverr Pro? Does it help? I only looked into it slightly, because it wanted me to set up a new account, from the looks of it. 

I certainly appreciate any insight anyone can offer. Thanks! 

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Hi Kevin and anyone else, I'm in the same boat. I offer proofreading and editing. And so do a zillion others. I'm starting with low rates and fast turn-around, but only a few spammers so far.

Would appreciate advice. Does it just take a while?


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