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My experience selling on Fiverr, after 7-8 months

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Hi everyone 🙂 

I will share my story on Fiverr so far as someone that is kinda new here. 

At first, I didn't pay Fiverr much attention, especially as a very new seller without reviews. In my first 3 months, I was earning maybe 100$ each month from a few gigs here and there. 

In my next 3 months, I got a few bigger clients and I earned somewhere between 500$ to 700$ each month. 

During that time, I updated my gig description, title etc almost once every 1-2 weeks. I looked for different strategies to attract more buyers.

Also in my 6th month, I started using gig promotion. 

Previous month, January (my 7th month of playing on Fiverr 🙂 ), I finally passed the 1000$ mark. 

My plan for February is to double that and there is a very good chance for it to happen. 

I do not know what will happen on March but time will tell. 

From January I started choosing my clients more carefully (looking more for quality and professional buyers). 

I rather have a few great clients that I can form strong connections with them, rather than many clients.

I will update after 1 year here again 🙂

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