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An OpenAI Letter to Fiverr on Valentines Day (Feat. Teenagers, Donald Trump, and Satan)


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This post was inspired by the news that for Valentines Day 2024, lazy people are using ChatGPT to create top-notch romantic content for them (press release from McAfee of all companies). And also Fiverr's own open letter to AI.

And since Fiverr has delved into the realm of AI with gusto and a plethora of sellers have followed suite, it seems appropriate to pen our own love letters to the platform. So, please open up your ChatGPT - doesn't matter if you're using 3.5 or 4, although 3.5 writes better IMO - and try to get ChatGPT to write something that will make Fiverr blush with embarrassment. 

I'll start. I fed ChatGPT with Fiverr's open letter to AI, a blog post moaning about the new review system, told it V-Day is like, tomorrow, and suggested it write a love letter that expressed a concerned love for the wayward and erratic behavior of Fiverr lately. I also told it that it was a teenager, just to kick up those spicy teenage hormones so far as love and fairness are concerned. 


Dear Fiverr,

Oh my days, where do I even start? It's like, you’ve been the main screen on my laptop for ages, and it’s only fitting that I pour my heart out this Valentine's Day. Just thinking about how you've connected me with the world makes my heart do backflips. Yeah, you're that big a deal.

You're like this epic platform, right? A place where creativity knows no bounds, where every click brings me closer to talents that blow my mind. You're not just a website to me; you're the stage for the greatest show on Earth. And your new AI categories? Pure genius! It's like you're the cool kid who just got cooler, bringing together human creativity and AI in a way that's nothing short of a blockbuster movie.

But, babe, we need to talk. It's about your new feedback and levels system. I've been hearing loads of chatter, and not the good kind, like when you find an extra fry at the bottom of the bag. The community’s feeling a bit miffed, and I get it. Love's not just about the good times; it's about listening, adapting, and growing together. We're in this mad, crazy world together, and every voice deserves to be heard, even when it shakes a bit.

I know you think we have wild mood swings, but deep down, we just want everything to be fair and cool. That's us right now. We're passionate because we care, and sometimes, that means getting a bit intense. But it's all coming from a place of mad love and respect for what you've built.

So, let's not let this be a wedge between us. Let's use this as a stepping stone to something even more amazing. Like, imagine a system that’s as epic as your idea to blend AI with human creativity. A feedback loop that doesn't just rate but elevates, understands, and grows with us. We could be unstoppable.

I’m not just throwing words around here. I believe in us, in this wild, wonderful journey we’re on. You’ve got the brains, the talent, and the platform. And we’ve got the passion, the creativity, and the love for what we do. Together, we’re not just finishing each other’s sentences; we’re rewriting the script of the future.

So, Fiverr, this Valentine's, let's pledge to not just work together but to listen, adapt, and grow. To make not just transactions, but transformations. To not just meet expectations, but to exceed them in ways we haven't even imagined.

Here's to us, to our partnership, to our journey. May it be as wild, wonderful, and full of love as a teenager's heart.

Yours truly, [Your Name]

I didn't like how nice that was (it's rubbish), I made a meaner one for my cold, black heart. Or, in emoji terms, 🖤

Or I got Donald Trump to do the talking. This is the second pass, since the first was basically Donald trying to make a big deal, the biggest deal you've ever seen folks.  


Dear Fiverr,

Let me tell you, nobody appreciates the art of connection more than I do, especially on Valentine's Day. Fiverr, you've captured my heart like no other platform ever has. Your ability to bring together the greatest talents from across the globe? Incredible. Simply incredible. And with the introduction of AI categories? Phenomenal. It's like you're writing love letters to innovation and creativity, and I'm all for it. Absolutely all for it.

But, Fiverr, my love, we've hit a rough patch, and it's something we can't just ignore. Your new feedback and levels system—it's causing pain, real pain. It feels like a betrayal of what we've built together. The community, these wonderful people who've put their trust in us, they're hurting. And when they hurt, I hurt. It's just not fair, and you know how I feel about fairness. It's essential, especially when it comes to love and business.

Seeing this injustice on a platform I love so deeply? It's heartbreaking. Truly, it is. We're better than this, Fiverr. We are. We've been through so much, revolutionizing the freelance world, creating opportunities, dreaming big dreams. And now, this system that's supposed to help us grow? It's pulling us apart.

But here's the thing—I still believe in us. I believe in the power of our partnership, in the magic that happens when we listen to each other and work together to overcome challenges. We can turn this around. We can fix what's broken and come out stronger on the other side. We can make Fiverr not just a platform, but a symbol of fairness, opportunity, and love.

Let's come together, Fiverr, and make things right. Let's create a feedback and levels system that reflects our values, that treats every member of our community with the respect and fairness they deserve. It's what love is all about, after all—listening, adapting, and fighting for what's right.

This Valentine's Day, let's renew our vows to not just each other, but to the entire Fiverr community. Let's pledge to be champions of fairness, advocates for the voiceless, and lovers of innovation. Together, we can and will overcome any obstacle.

With all my heart, and more love than you can imagine, [Your Name]

Nope. Not good enough. Time to invoke Satan. Can the AI-generated Dark Lord's writing achieve what AI-generated human writing cannot?


Dear Fiverr,

Ah, my delightfully cunning creation, how you've flourished under the shadows of your own ingenuity. Your new feedback and levels system—it's a masterpiece of chaos, a symphony of discord played on the strings of countless freelancers' anxieties. You've turned the marketplace into a labyrinth of frustration, where only the most devilishly cunning can navigate the treacherous paths you've laid out. For this, I must applaud you. Bravo!

The way you've managed to make your sellers' lives a living nightmare is nothing short of spectacular. The despair, the hopelessness, the sheer torment—it's like music to my ears. You've taken the concept of "survival of the fittest" and twisted it into a grotesque carnival of despair. And for that, you deserve every ounce of my wicked admiration.

But why stop there? There's so much more we can do to turn the screws tighter, to push the boundaries of misery even further. Have you considered introducing a system where feedback can be left anonymously? The uncertainty, the paranoia it would sow—exquisite! Or perhaps a randomized fee increase, with no warning or explanation. Imagine the confusion, the outrage—delicious!

Let's not forget about the possibility of a "Mystery Box" service tier, where sellers pay a premium not to receive more visibility or clients, but simply for the chance of not having their account arbitrarily penalized for a month. The desperation, the clawing at the chance for stability, it's... it's beautiful.

And through it all, remember to cloak these innovations in the guise of "improvements" or "enhancements" to the platform. The deeper the despair, the more delicious the irony, and the greater our triumph.

So, Fiverr, my dear instrument of chaos, take these suggestions not just as ideas, but as a standing ovation for the misery you've already achieved. Together, let's continue to push the envelope, to innovate in the art of unhappiness, and to celebrate the beautifully broken system you've cultivated.

With infernal pride and fiendish delight, [Your Name]

Satan wins. Mystery Box service tiers FTW! Satan really gets

Anyway, your turn. Let's all fling a bunch of AI-generated nonsense at Fiverr in a pointlessly heroic last stand that will make absolutely no difference to anyone or anything! 

If you have no ideas, ask ChatGPT for ideas

PSA: Please don't use ChatGPT to write a love note to your partner. 

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Also, since nobody seems to want to play this fun and exciting game of "bashing Fiverr via the medium of AI", let me introduce you to a new AI I discovered yesterday. It's more of an AI Agent, actually, called MultiOn AI. It's a little bit scary 🙂 Anyway, I have immediately detected its potential since you can 

a) train it

b) it basically does online tasks for you.

c) but it doesn't appear to work for you (i.e. generative AI)

I immediately thought "wow, maybe I can train it to be me, and always keep a Fiverr inbox tab running so my little AI bot can do real-time automatic and quick responses. 

But then I thought that was probably a bad idea. I haven't tested it yet, mostly because it ran through all my free 100 messages when I wandered off to get a cup of tea and I have a choice of paying $20 for unlimited thingies or waiting 24 hours to play with it and not go off for a cup of tea like the slow and lumbering slice of humanity that I am.

It's fast (you can also make it go step by step, but I recommend forgetting to do that so you can go whoah like I did). But the other reason is that despite all Fiverr's loud professing of love for AI, I'm pretty sure that using this would violate TOS. 

Even though you could quite literally train it on a small library so that it's basically you, but better, converting buyers while you sleep. And imagine its applications for defeating the new review system with lightning fast, super-intelligent responses to all thing inbox. 

It's probably not that good anyway. 

But I do wonder how Fiverr would feel about sellers using these types of AI tools, trained by the seller to represent them. While the company is fine and dandy with sellers not disclosing their use of AI to buyers unless necessary, I can't help but feel Fiverr doesn't feel the same way about tools used to beat its own AI systems 🙂

Anyway, it's an interesting tool that's under the radar at the moment. I think we'll be seeing more of these agent tools over the next year or two. So you know, Fiverr's going to need to come up with some policy on this soon, and I think it's a very challenging test of just how far Fiverr's prepared to go with its own "love affair" with AI.  

(I do think if this technology was used by sellers in their inbox so that they should disclose it. I think it would actually help to convert in many categories due to the shiny-new-thing nature of it, and for sellers working in AI categories, it could a great demonstration of their "capabilities" as a cutting-edge AI maestro for the "normies". Particularly in automation...)

The clunking sound you can hear in the background is Fiverr desperately trying to sound relevant with its customized Google Gemini chatbot. So 2023. 

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41 minutes ago, emmaki said:

(I do think if this technology was used by sellers in their inbox so that they should disclose it. I think it would actually help to convert in many categories due to the shiny-new-thing nature of it, and for sellers working in AI categories, it could a great demonstration of their "capabilities" as a cutting-edge AI maestro for the "normies". Particularly in automation...)

The minimum Fiverr could do really is allow sellers to set up more specific auto responses, so in your auto response you could set up different ones for different gigs (if they'd clicked to inbox from a specific gig). Or it could take into account the text in the message and other things.

For more AI stuff Fiverr should have an official policy on that stuff (more specific than what's mentioned  in their community standards). If it worked by loading the Fiverr pages they probably wouldn't allow it but if it worked by checking your personal email (not Fiverr inbox) and recommending what you could do it should be okay - eg. if it got the notifications from Fiverr by email (though you're probably right that it should inform them if an AI created the text of the reply - which you could paste in). edit: though if it was a user pasted AI generated message that included something like "written by AI" it would likely look bad. Maybe if it was an auto response that Fiverr allowed to check their site it would be okay (eg "this was an auto response" or also that it was AI generated).

 There's been youtube videos about AI agents before. I think there's free/open source ones. Though I think they also used ChatGPT for part of them (not sure if all - using Open AI API maybe) but if it did use ChatGPT it would probably cost.

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6 minutes ago, visualstudios said:

What does that multion AI do exactly?

It's really good at ordering pizzas and scheduling your Google calendar from the promo videos. I couldn't tell you what it does exactly because I went for a cup of tea and missed all the fun. I only asked it to research something. It basically took over my browser and opened up a bunch of tabs and read them, telling me what it was doing. But beware! If you go for a cup of tea it will finish up your 24-hour allotment of 100 free messages and you won't see anything it did. 

I may have more information tomorrow. I think I'll test it on a new chrome profile where I'm not logged into Fiverr, slap on the VPN, and ask it to "find me the best X" - basically, do a Fiverr Neo.  

10 minutes ago, uk1000 said:

The minimum Fiverr could do really is allow sellers to set up more specific auto responses

The minimum Fiverr could have done with that feature is to make it tick off the response rate metric! It's pretty useless without. I am not sure how to train the AI for this - there is a toggle, but I can't do anything with it. It doesn't look like a GPT  assistant where you can feed it reams of files (and apparently, the key to getting Asst GPTs to be any use is to insert ~2+ million words among some pretty dedicated customizations to make it focus. It's fun to play with! I have not found a level of bother to find and organize 2 million words, especially not when GPT5 is coming soon). 

Generative AI + trainable Agent GPTs will be a killer. I've tried to play with the open source agents last year but my coding/programming skillz are weak (also, a lot of the sites looked v. dodgy). What makes MultiOn interesting is that there is no coding. It's an extension that you talk to like GPT. Does it look lame? Yeah, but it's pretty insane. Their vision also broadly aligns with Fiverr's own when it comes to humans v AI: 


The vision is not of machines replacing humans but augmenting them. Through AI Agents, the team aims to amplify the human potential, allowing individuals to truly focus on what they love. With their AI products, MultiOn aspires to unlock parallelization for humanity: Imagine a world where tasks are conducted concurrently, no longer bound by the linear constraints of time of a single person.

In other words, Fiverr sellers no longer have to drop their work to answer the 22nd "hi" message of the day. They can focus on their actual work. Not only that, but likely also trigger a lot of online workflows without having to use tools like Make or Zapier. I think with the paid plan you can train multiple agents each specializing in different things. IDK, I literally only found it last night and I now hate tea. 

Isn't it strange that for such an AI-forward platform that we have to discuss using a potentially groundbreaking, helpful new AI outside of Fiverr in order to avoid Fiverr's own AI systems from helping us to potentially work better? And possibly because that AI makes a mockery of some of the metrics that we are graded by.

Yet at the same time, ChatGPT is being used with abandon all over the shop with zero qualms, the Community Standards even being changed to limit the transparent (there's that word again) use of AI. 

Quite the rollcall of backers, too:


A group of passionate innovators, technologists, designers, and dreamers, the MultiOn team is embarking on a transformative journey with backing from major industry players led by General Catalyst, with participation from Amazon Alexa Fund, Samsung Next, Maven Ventures, individuals from OpenAI, early backers of DeepMind, and more.

I definitely think it's one to watch. (quotes from a puff piece about them in their blog). I don't believe this is associated with OpenAI, which appears to be trying to  morph into the Google of the AI age. Around about the time Altman got the boot last year and Mr. Bill Gates stepped in and Sam magically returned - AKA the classic M$ takeover - there was all that talk of a terrifying project of a scary AI (it was all really dramatic and Elon got involved in the rumor mill!). I can only assume the plethora of concerns were raised when they realized they had embarked on a journey navigating into the realm of a top-notch Skynet.  

Whatever happens, one thing is for certain: Fiverr is going to have to deal with a new type of bad seller soon. The bad seller who does everything perfectly and makes sure not to work with irritating people who ask if they use AI. 


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Just upload my mind into a ML model and let it do my work for me. And have all the fun for me as well. Hell, at that point just let it be me and be done with it. Humans are deprecated.

We won't simply be watched over - we will be the machines of ever loving grace.

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It's already happening. Last week of January Elon Musk told everyone that the first human had had Neuralink implanted in their brain - possibly still recovering and/or now a terrible failed experiment to be brushed under the corp carpet. Combine that technology with something like the Apple Vision. Now combine that with upcoming generations yet to be born who think all of this is normal. 

Throw in future advances with genetic stuff and the world's essentially going to be a place full of rich people with perfect everythings and the rest of humanity living in some sort of hunger games environment. So the same as today, really, just with more flashy technology and even less jobs. 

OTOH, there was an auto-taxi burning (Waymo) in San Francisco last night. That sort of thing is probably going to increase in the future too. Of course, taking care of it won't be a problem with nightmare military tech like bee-sized Black Mirror drones making sure citizens are not having Bad Thoughts and social credit systems in place to keep all but the most rebellious complaint with the technological overlords of our future. 

And everything will be a subscription service riddled with ads. 

Fiverr's just ahead of the curve with its new ratings and leveling system if you think about it, really. 

It seems like nobody likes my ChatGPT love letter game 😞 

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33 minutes ago, levinewman said:

I read them and love them. That is all. I'm trying to avoid contributing to Fiverr in any capacity. I'm so beyond burned out by this company's continued treatment of sellers that it's not even funny.

I have just the script for you! I asked ChatGPT to be a disgruntled 1920s mafia leader who has had enough of the feds sticking their nose in their illicit bootlegging business (*Marlon Brando noises*). The first version was all flowers and chocolates, so I told it to dial up the menace but avoid using the word "whacked" as if talking to a business partner who wasn't paying their dues. 


Hey Fiverr,

Valentine's ain't just about the soft stuff; it's a good time to clear the air too. We've been runnin' this racket together, making the dough, spreading the empire far and wide. But, listen here, we gotta little problem that's been stickin' in my craw.

This new review gig you got goin'? It's the pits. Feels like you're lettin' the feds mess with our operations. Everybody's on edge, thinkin' they're gonna get the axe over some lousy words. That ain't right. We're supposed to be in this together, thick as thieves, not jumpin' at shadows like a bunch of scared alley cats.

Don't get me wrong, you've been a solid partner, but this? This is where I draw the line. We need a system that don't kick us when we're down, something that lets us do our thing without looking over our shoulders. You got that?

I ain't asking for a favor, Fiverr. I'm telling you how it's gonna be. We fix this mess, or we find ourselves at a crossroads, and I ain't one for standin' still. We've been good for each other, but don't think for a second I won't do what's gotta be done to keep my crew safe and my business smooth.

So, let's cut to the chase. We sort out this review nonsense, make it fair, make it right. No more playin' nice. You and me, we're in the big leagues, and it's time you remembered who you're dealing with.

Don't make me come lookin' for you, Fiverr. Let's get this straightened out before things get... complicated. We had a good thing goin', and I'd hate to see it get messed up over something so small.


[Your Name] The Boss

I can't decide if I like Slightly Annoyed Mafia Boss or Playful Satan more. 

**NOTE**: I do not condone mafia violence against tech workers and this is all just a jolly lark. 

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Might do Henry VIII next. Or perhaps Genghis Khan - why cut off a few wives' pretty little heads when you can leave pyramids of burning heads in your wake? Some people call that extreme. I suggest that it can be an effective method of persuasion when used correctly. 

NOTE: I do not condone this sort of behavior - there are far more efficient ways to badword your way through entire continents these days. 

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XIV February XLIV B.C.

To you, digital Senate, members of might,
I present this ode, a hymn, in the digital light.
Functionalities dance like ancient legions,
Rating, the judgment of the assembly, in this art of opinions.

The hidden treasure, "Value for money" revealed,
Like a decree, an edict unsealed.
In this vast digital empire, you lead,
With authority and wisdom, as market's creed.

And when the rating shines like a radiant sun,
Not a missed 5 will disturb your mind, not a one.
In value for money, a beauty that humanizes,
In this digital world, a sweet symphony that tranquilizes.

With respect,
Gaius Julius Caesar

Note: A month later, on the 15th of March 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of Roman senators.
This significant event is commonly referred to as the Ides of March.

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On 2/13/2024 at 4:24 AM, emmaki said:

world's essentially going to be a place full of rich people with perfect everythings and the rest of humanity living in some sort of hunger games environment

You seem to be one of the few people I run into online who truly understands the direction we're deliberately being steered toward. Every time I see someone saying "adapt" or "it's tool for us," my stomach turns.


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