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Buyer asking for changes without using the revisions feature?



So I have encountered quite an insufferable buyer. I won’t go too much into detail with that. The order has limited revisions. Whenever I’d deliver, the buyer won’t reject the delivery and request for a revision normally, but would send a message for the changes made. I was a bit skeptical as to why they wouldn’t just request for a revision. However, I would just redeliver 

The buyer keeps on requesting for changes and this buyer would like constantly change their mind on what they want, they’d tell me to make a whole new different illustration (like 3 times) because they didn’t like the initial idea that they had. 

However, the last delivery I let them know that the order has a limited number of revisions and we’ve gone beyond that, and anymore changes after that will be at a cost.

’Though the buyer hasn’t really been requesting for revisions. Does the buyer still have the right to use the revisions?

Also, the order will be marked as autocomplete soon 

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It's fine, you can re-deliver even if the buyer haven't requested "revision" via order page. But when you are re-delivering, you can write something like this in the description. So the buyer (and Fiverr CS) can track of what you provided in each stage. 


Revision #1 


+ Updated the color pallet

+ Updated the face drawing style

+ Etc..

Also, you can send a draft illustration and ask the buyer to make a confirmation, cause you are going to finalizing it. 

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