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is anything wrong in my gigs?



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Hi and welcome! 

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to wait much longer than a week for your first order, especially if there are a lot of other sellers offering the same service as you. 

What I always recommend to new sellers having this same problem is to search for your own gig(s) as if you were a buyer. Look at what the top sellers in your niche are doing--graphics, descriptions, general branding--and think about what you can do to make your gig offering more like those sellers. Do that, give it another few weeks, and then adjust accordingly if you're still not getting results. 

Good luck! 

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image.png.83c28fd0ec3f88ad883dbff4d21722f2.pngBrother, your gig keyword and images are not professional. For example, you write- I will do your data entry,web scraping,copy paste. There is no space after data entry, web scrapingor copy paste words. Also in your gig image you did not follow the image resolution. Your gig image content is unable to read.

Please focus on Keyword, Gig Image and Description.

Hope your will get order faster 🙂

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