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Order was canceled via the Resolution Center



Policy update: The cancellation will not affect any of your seller statistics as                   canceled the order before sending their requirements.

He Everyone hope you are doing well today. i have confused about the uper policy, client came and placed order without have any disscoution about projects and governments fee, when they placed order i ask him about the paay the government fee, when she listen about the fee, they will cancel the order but their order is requirement is still in pending, before cancellation. so after cancellation, fiver say this cancellation will not effect your account or gig, than i say okay if this cancellation is not effect my account or gig ranking, 

but after the next day of cancellation my gig is removed from first page and show on the last page, before this cancellation my gig is showing on the top of page with good  ranking and good orders, but suddenly with this cancellation i lost my top ranking gig just becuase of this cancellation, and giver clearly say this cancellation not effect your gig, so how and why my gig is going down, if not got this order so than my gig will still showing on the top page, now still a months but my gig did not moving from the last page,

so anyone can explain me this situation, who is the wrong here, me or client or fiver, becuase i talk to many with fiver support so every time they say only one thing that is give below.

The algorithm in charge takes many factors into account, such as overall performance, ratings, number of completed orders, etc, which is why the position of your Gigs cannot be manually altered.
I checked your request. Your Gig impressions are dependent on many different factors, including your seller statistics, performance, and additional internal factors. 
Fiverr does not guarantee impressions or clicks for your Gig. As mentioned in our previous response, Gigs may also be removed from our search feature due to poor performance indicators. 

so any solution about this, this is not good  anytime when i talk with fiver support so they only say the oper things which i mentioned, instead of knowing the main reason 

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1 hour ago, ibrahimxhan said:

fiver say this cancellation will not effect your account or gig,

It doesn't affect your stats. However, your gig can sometimes go lower in search results. It happens and there's nothing you can do about it. 

As for dropping in search, there can be other factors too. At the end of the day, I wouldn't recommend constantly tracking where you are in search. Not everyone sees you in the same place you do, so it's just a lot of pressure added in there for nothing.

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