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How Can I Get Mt first order?


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3 hours ago, habibur_pro24 said:

gig seo, attractive gig image, best package in Fiverr and grow your sell

It would be best not to pay heed to a seller who has had about 1/3 of an order per month since joining Fiverr. 


36 minutes ago, osamabinkabir said:

your gig off-page SEO

Or one who just joined Fiverr in January and has yet to have a sale. 


@mahphic You have nice videos for your gigs. However, most buyers are in a hurry when looking for sellers to provide the needed services. It is best to have an eye-catching image with only 4 to 5 words stating your services or a buyer will pass you by. This could be the image at the beginning of your video. Right now, I see this when I go to your profile. The buyers do not take the time to read the text underneath the gig image. 


Furthermore, there are over 20,000 gigs that offer the services you do. Your gig images must stand out because the buyer spends less than a second looking at them before clicking on them or passing you by. 

3 hours ago, zeeshan9445 said:

Same Issue it has been 1 month still no new order

@zeeshan9445, I looked at your profile too. You can follow the same advice I gave @mahphic

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