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Description contains excessive use of the terms


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Hi All,

When i update the gig description, This error occurred most of the time.

“Description contains excessive use of the terms: any text” like blog

I request support team to highlight this thing, Fiverr did this to not to replicate same thing again and again in description but if i have to write something about my blogging service, i need to write word “blog”, every time to describe my service, there is no other alternative to word blog, blogger, blogging starts with blog, I’m not able to write description effectively.

Fiverr team, Do something, restrict user but but that much its hard to write something. I’m also a software developer. Restrict user to do some specific things is gud, but this is too much.

When i created the GIG you accepted number of time i entered the word, then why are you restricting it now at the tiem of Edit GIG?



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My wife had the same problem when she was trying to set up a gig about bookmarks. It flagged her for the word “book.” She eventually made it work by replacing book with “novel” or “favorite read.” It still soured her on Fiverr a little bit. She ended up just giving up on Fiverr.

I understand why Fiverr does it, to keep out the bots and such. But this “automated support” model they have can get quite frustrating.

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