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I am currently very depressed, I don't know what to do



I am currently very depressed, I don't know what to do. Some of my seniors are providing the same services on Fiverr, but they have been harassing me for the past few days. This is because my Fiverr gig is appearing on the first page and I am receiving orders and 5-star ratings, which has made them jealous. They are saying that I should give them 50 percent of whatever I earn and keep 50 percent for myself. If I don't do this, they threaten to report my Fiverr account together and create fake orders to give me negative ratings or cancel orders. I don't understand what to do, I am very worried about this matter. They don't know how hard I work, and what sacrifices I have made to get to this point. Can you please give me some good suggestions?

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On 2/11/2024 at 3:33 AM, uk1000 said:

Isn't working on Fiverr, logged into your Fiverr acount on free wifi anywhere a security risk?

Most probably!

Who knows if there’s another seller providing the same service or if someone creates multiple accounts or violates terms from a public network.

I always use cellular data when I’m outside to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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On 2/9/2024 at 11:59 PM, mrubaid820 said:

If I don't do this, they threaten to report my Fiverr account together and create fake orders to give me negative ratings or cancel orders.

You should contact with support team. They will assist you.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're going through such a difficult situation. Dealing with harassment and threats can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your Fiverr account. Here are some suggestions:

  • Document Everything:

Keep records of all communication with the individuals harassing you. This includes screenshots of messages, threats, and any evidence of their attempts to sabotage your account.

  • Report to Fiverr Support:

Reach out to Fiverr Support immediately and provide them with a detailed account of the situation. Share the evidence you've gathered, including screenshots and any other relevant information. Fiverr takes such matters seriously and will investigate.

  • Change Privacy Settings:

Consider adjusting your Fiverr privacy settings. You can limit who can see your online status and other activity. This might help minimize direct contact and interference from those harassing you.

  • Do Not Give In to Blackmail:

Refuse to comply with their demands. Blackmail is illegal and against Fiverr's terms of service. Giving in to their requests may not guarantee your safety, and it sets a precedent for further exploitation.

  • Inform Fiverr Community Moderators:

If there is a community forum or moderators for Fiverr, report the issue to them as well. They might be able to take additional actions or provide guidance on how to handle the situation within the community.

  • Seek Legal Advice if Necessary:

If the harassment continues or escalates, consider seeking legal advice. Blackmail and harassment are serious offenses, and legal professionals can guide you on the best course of action.

  • Stay Professional and Positive:

Maintain professionalism in your communication and focus on providing excellent service to your clients. Continue delivering quality work, and let your success speak for itself.

Remember, your well-being is important, and Fiverr is committed to creating a safe and supportive platform for freelancers. By reporting the issue promptly, you increase the likelihood of a positive resolution.

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Numerous freelancers advertise their services on social media groups or dubious websites, risking spam or even account suspension. Whether or not engaged in such practices, it's imperative to cease them. Instead, focus on offering services by meticulously researching gigs and launching new ones. This approach ensures a professional and sustainable freelancing career, free from the perils of spam and potential account penalties.

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