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first time gig upload but no impressions solution.


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On 2/9/2024 at 12:40 AM, osamabinkabir said:

My first-time gig uploaded daily impressions of 60,55 but after 15 days impressions of 12,8, which is a very low, help me.

Being a Digital Marketer, you should know the answer of your own question, I guess. Well your clicks and impressions are not increasing because of your poor gig galleries (sorry to say this). So you need to improve gig galleries and add relevant gig images there. Also, use your expertise to get the orders as well. 

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10 minutes ago, osamabinkabir said:

I am an every-time Fiverr account online. Any solution is very helpful.

You don't need to stay online. Once you create a gig, people can find it. So, it makes no sense to stay online. Whether your gig is appealing  to potential customers or not, that's another thing. But in general, if you stay online, you're not doing anything other than wasting time. Use that time to learn something, improve your skills, don't just look at an empty screen.

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23 hours ago, mandyzines said:

Sleep is essential for optimal performance and health.

100%. But the thing is, people that ask this are also most likely to use tools to fake their online status. WHich is against the rules anyway.

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