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Brief rejected - contact/payment info or spam

Guest michjnich


Guest michjnich

My brief had neither of these things, and no more info was given. 

Now since I can't actually see the brief, because fiverr doesn't show you the briefs you've written (?!!) I can't say for sure what triggered this. Possibly one of 2 things: 

1. I was looking for CSS work and I posted a link to the site, which at the moment is a staging area that is a subdomain of my personal site. Would that count as "contact information"? I mean, the link was so people could see exactly what I wanted them to work with. 

2. I didn't post payment info, but I did write something along the lines of "I'm not sure what this job is worth exactly but I had to put a range in - come with a fair suggestion and we'll talk". I'm paying this from my company so have no intention of screwing people over. I can't see that would count as "payment information" though?? 

Anyway - I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that fiverr is a load of rubbish. Sorry people. I think I might up sticks. I put another job for logo design up on <other site>, and that was a much much smoother experience!

tl;dr - after only a day with fiverr, I've come to the conclusion it sucks. 

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