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Fiverr PODCAST - Requesting feedback


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Fiverr Podcast Development

I have a strong background in podcasting, and I decided to start an informational podcast about being a Fiverr seller, and helping others get going to become more successful.

I realized that “Fiverr” is a niche unto itself, and that building a small and dedicated audience could really help me grow the sales of my business on Fiverr, as well as offer them a place to hear feedback about someone’s experience selling gig services on the site.

There are a couple concerns I wanted to bring up for feedback.

First, I have “Fiverr” in the title, and I really want to have it so that the meaning of the show is clear to the person first hearing the title. My point further being that I don’t want Fiverr to think that I am taking some unfair advantage because it’s their name.

“Fiverr” sellers are the niche that I want to reach. I’m not looking to have a “huge” show, but a decent enough one that people see value in, and enough people for an educational benefit for all, and for me, I hope it enhances the amount of business that I’m able to drum up while doing something positive for others.

To me, the podcast is a way to “pay forward” the opportunity right back to where it’s coming from. It’s a way not only for me to grow my business, but help others grow as well.

In any case, I’d like to do this with a sort of “blessing” or just an understanding that it’s alright and that I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes.

I would like to be able announce new episodes here, but I understand if I can’t.

I have some ideas about how to promote. It would obviously be great to be able to announce right here when there’s a new show, but I’ll follow whatever rules to stay in the good graces of Fiverr.

I wanna say the name, but I also don’t want folks that I’m trying to gratuitously promote.

**If I do a podcast, can I share it here?

**Lastly, doing the podcast, would it be allowed or against any policy to try and promote other sellers on there through the selling of specialized gigs? Both for promo and the creation of audio pieces for commercials etc.

The show will feature:

My personal history and growth with the site

Guest interviews with sellers

Segments about what kinds of Gigs people are offering

Segments about how to develop gigs

Segments about how to promote your services/gigs


All very much Fiverr topics.

I would appreciate any and all feedback.

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Anyone willing to chime in with feedback, I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve been splicing audio together.

I’m doing this. I hope others will like it and take part.


If I want to interview sellers directly in this podcast, is that against Fiverr’s TOS?

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