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I have published the gig, now there is no impression and no click, why?



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Congratulations on publishing your gig! Unfortunately, lack of impressions and clicks could be due to several reasons. Here are a few possible factors:
1. Limited visibility: New gigs may take time to gain visibility and attract buyers.
2. Competition: Your gig may be competing with similar gigs that have been around longer or have more reviews.
3. Pricing: Your pricing strategy may not be competitive, or it may not align with buyer expectations.
4. Gig quality: The quality of your gig may not meet buyer expectations, or it may not be well-optimized for search.
5. Keyword usage: You may not be using the right keywords in your gig title, description, and tags, making it harder for buyers to find your gig.
Consider optimizing your gig for search, improving your gig quality, adjusting your pricing strategy, and using relevant keywords to increase visibility. Additionally, promote your gig on social media and other platforms to attract more buyers. Good luck!

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