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38 minutes ago, milos_siena said:

I can assure you that response time is not a metric.

It's not a metric used in the evaluation for levels but it's something that's measured/recorded (a performance metric) and shown to sellers & buyers which influences their decisions to contact a seller (and/or buy from them, since they'd be less likely to contact a seller with a very high avg response time), so it could affect messages+orders even if it doesn't directly affect search rank (though we don't know whether response time is one of the many things that could affect search rank as they don't don't specify them, but since it's one of the recorded values shown on dashboards and profiles it's possible it could have an effect on their search rank, eg. if their search ranking system/AI found a connection between response times and how likely a person was to order/message (conversions) the seller/gig) and so lowered it if it thought it was less likely to get conversions/orders.

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What to do if there is no electricity and no internet connection

Suppose I receive an order that I need to deliver within a day but unfortunately I don't have internet connection or electricity in my area what can I do ?

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  • bivan_ changed the title to What to do if there is no electricity and no internet connection
9 hours ago, bivan_ said:

It's going to be two months since I joined fiverr already three buyers message me but I couldn't reply them on time it's my bad luck I was sleeping when buyer message me 😴😟

Thats why you should not be online always, but be online when you are awake 


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Yesterday, when the new gig created on Fiverr was not working, I wondered if it was due to the Fiverr update. But when I went to do the new gig creation today, it showed me the gig option, but I couldn't upload the new gig; I couldn't create it. 

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