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How I can find my potential buyers!



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13 minutes ago, abspixel_design said:

Getting active in 24/7.

This will never work and has been confirmed many times by Fiverr Staff members.


As I expected, here we have another seller trying to get orders on Fiverr with false data.

The profile picture on the forum is not someone from Bangladesh. It is a photo that is often used on the internet.

Is the photo on your Fiverr profile really you? Did you forget to change the photo on your Fiverr profile?






I'm eager to have a conversation with you in Dutch, but unfortunately, this (Dutch language) will probably be incorrect, just like some other data on your Fiver profile.



You have lost all your credibility by providing incorrect data/images that is only intended to lure innocent buyers.


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40 minutes ago, kevoh2003 said:

That's the reason you haven't managed securing a single order

Staying online is not the reason why she (is it a she?) doesn't get orders.

She offers many services that thousands of other freelancers also offer. There's just too much competition and at first glance, it doesn't look like she's offering anything that will make her gigs stand out and eliminate the competition.

Besides this, I can see that her profile is 1 year old and she doesn't have any reviews. Buyers also notice this and therefore choose sellers who regularly receive orders.

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Firstly Thank you very much, And this is not spam or scam. I'm from Bangladesh. Yesterday I joined to this forum and I thought its not much important to set my photo here that's why I chose a random photo. Another thing is languages, really not correct data, I think buyers may attract to see this Its my mistake.

After all I learned a lot, Thanks all to have the supervision.

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