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Level 2 account warning removed but still restrcited



Hi @ana_tomy,


I came here on this forum, so i can get an advise regarding my level 2 seller account which is currently disabled and restricted for up to 60 days, but unfortunately today is the 48th day and i didn't listen from fiverr customer support regarding the decision they made regarding the restriction on my account.

For context i want to update you that i changed the gig images of all of my gigs and the system picked my gigs and reported them as against fiverr TOS and community standards however i am very well aware that what i am selling is already sold by my competitors as well and i am not under violation of TOS and community standards.


My last ticket was also closed where i build up my case and now there is option to create follow up, but before doing that i need someone like you who can help me in doing the right action, because i knew that 60 days are not yet surpassed, but i am concerned what if 60 days passed and i didn't hear from the CS and/or Fiverr TOS team.


Please let me know if you can help me in this regards, and i also want to draw attention to you, that at the time of violation, i had one warning and when after a month i randomly checked my account warning and account status, no active warnings were there, i am still level 2, my gigs also deranked from thousands to just tens. Please note that this thing doesn't make sense that there might be something behind the removal of account warning.


I would like to know whats the reason behind this and can i expect a reply or what action i should take?


I'll be grateful if you respond





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