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Dear evey one seller. Pleses help me. Tips for seller.


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21 minutes ago, alamgir66053 said:

I am a Friverr platform new seller please help me.  I hope so in the hands of the skilled.  Thank you.

Few points/suggestions:

  • After checking your question here and your profile, I will encourage you to change your English Language settings from Fluent to Basic/Conversational.
  • Spelling mistakes: Friverr, Fiber, Vatual, Servise. What are these?
  • "Welcome to my gig and hearty congratulations, for joining my service. " You have mentioned this in your gig description. but why are you congratulating? 
  • Why have you used the word "You" instead of "I" in your gig description. Looks like that you have copied everything from somewhere (Google etc.).
  • You need to work on everything i.e. profile description, gig description, gig gallery etc.
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In your profile you say "Am working efficiently as fiber data entry for more than 2 years". I assume you mean Fiverr, but your account was created only last month so unless you had a different account you can't have been working on Fiverr doing data entry for more than 2 years so that seems inaccurate.

When you say "congratulations, for joining my service". I'd change that as they haven't really joined your service or ordered at that point. All they've probably done is found your gig.

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